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It's easy to order bathroom electrics jobs

Simply search for a fully qualified electrician for all kinds of bathroom electrical jobs including the fitting and installation of:

  • Bathroom lighting
  • Ventilation systems
  • Showers units
  • Bathroom heaters and radiators
  • Underfloor heating
  • Heated towel rails
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Safety First with Bathroom Electrics

Bathrooms need to be closely assessed and maintained for electrical safety. This is because of the amount of electrical appliances positioned in close proximity to water.

An experienced electrician will look over every aspect of the bathroom's safe operational features. A bathroom electrics job should never be attempted on your own. Any installation or repair of electrical devices and appliances in the bathroom should always be done by a qualified electrician.

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Lighting in the Bathroom

An electrician can advise you on any possible new bathroom light fittings. It is accepted that closed bathroom ceiling lights are the safest and most pragmatic option as they are furthest away from water taps.

Spotlight are another possible option that an electrician can advise on and install. Lights switches should also be considered. It may be safer to have a cord for switching lights on and off rather than a typical switch which could attract dampness. 

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When you book an electrician for a bathroom electrics job they will:

  • Find out exactly what electrical work needs doing in the bathroom
  • Check on the operation of all electrical devices and appliances
  • Safely fit and install new appliances
  • Test the wiring and operation of all new installations
  • Ensure that all electrical safety requirements are carried out and documented
  • Full rewiring jobs and smaller repairs
  • Check that power point locations are at a safe distance from water points
Find an Electrician has access to a UK wide collection of fully qualified electricians. A fully qualified electrician local to you can be booked for bathroom electrics securely and promptly.

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