With rising energy prices now headline news – wholesale electricity prices are up by a whopping 49%! – and the financial hardships of the Covid-19 pandemic still being felt by many households, people across the country are looking to save energy at home in a bid to keep bills down.

There are a number of electrical based solutions that can be called upon to achieve just that. As a service that helps people find qualified, experienced electricians at the right price in the right area, we’re here to share some expert tips for energy saving at home.


Make use of natural light

Lighting costs can be a major drain on electricity, especially during the darker autumn and winter months.

Turning off the lights every time you exit a room is a great habit that will save tons of energy. During the day, open those curtains wide and make use of natural light for a more economical, energy saving alternative.


Say “no” to standby mode

Unbeknown to most, even when appliances and devices are in standby mode, they’re still using electricity. Save energy and lower your electricity bills by turning off and unplugging appliances, devices and other electronics when they’re not in use.

Charging your mobile phone during the day for a set period, rather than continuously overnight, is another great way to use only the electricity you need.


Don’t use the dryer…

During the wetter, colder months, dryer use in the average home increases. This can cause electricity costs to rise by an astronomical level.

Take advantage of those odd, sunny winter days by hanging wet washing out on the line. You could also invest in an indoor clothes airer. Place your airer in a warm room, such as a utility room, kitchen, bathroom or sunlit bedroom, and your washing will dry in no time at all.


…or your dishwasher

The same theory applies when it comes to dishwasher use. Even if you want to continue using your dishwasher – we understand, dishwashers are fantastic time savers! – skipping the dry cycle and air drying instead can save lots of hot water and electricity.

Simply place clean dishes on a drying rack or leave them in your dishwasher to dry without the energy usage.


Use energy efficient lighting

Your choice of light bulbs can have a big impact on your home energy usage. Instead of using incandescent bulbs, use LEDs to enjoy a highly efficient, energy saving, cost effective alternative. They could unlock energy savings of up to 70%!


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