What is a consumer unit?

When it comes to our at-home electrics leaving things to the professionals is always the best option. Understanding the basic components that make up your home’s electrical system can help you recognise the tell-tale signs that say it’s time to call in an electrician for maintenance, repairs or upgrades.

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Getting your outdoor electrics right

With spring officially upon us, extending the living space into the garden is a priority for many. Whether it’s entertaining, relaxation or a bit of both that’s the inspiration behind your garden improvements, getting the lighting scheme of your outdoor space just right is the key to making it an attractive, safe and practical place that’s useable all year round.

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What is the best way to find an electrician?

Whether you’re looking for assistance with a house rewire, smart home devices or fault finding, or need emergency help, whatever time of day an issue strikes, finding an electrician you...

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Is it safe to carry out your own electrical work in your home?

Regulations concerning electrical work are not always the easiest to follow or understand.

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