The cost of running a hot tub at home

Creating a spa-like experience at home has never been easier. With an increasing number of hot tub designs available, from inflatable models to permanent hard shell and wood-fired tubs, many people are indulging themselves and their outdoor spaces.

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Tips to save on your electric bills

With the recent energy price cap rise, households throughout the UK are now facing steeper costs for their energy. The 54% increase means that the average household will pay a whopping £1,971 a year for their gas and electricity.

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Getting your outdoor electrics right

With spring officially upon us, extending the living space into the garden is a priority for many. Whether it’s entertaining, relaxation or a bit of both that’s the inspiration behind your garden improvements, getting the lighting scheme of your outdoor space just right is the key to making it an attractive, safe and practical place that’s useable all year round.

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Why are hard wired smoke detectors important?

Fire safety should be a priority in every household and business premises. Whilst workplaces and landlords have to abide to strict fire safety legislation to safeguard their properties and the people within, homeowners have to take matters into their own hands to protect their loved ones.

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How can I charge my electric car at home?

Electric vehicles (EVs) are the future. For drivers who have already joined the green revolution ahead of the 2030 ban of new petrol and diesel cars, the lack of charging points around the UK can be a cause of much frustration.

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Energy saving tips for the home

With rising energy prices now headline news – wholesale electricity prices are up by a whopping 49%! People across the country are looking to save energy at home in a bid to keep bills down.

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What is the best way to find an electrician?

Whether you’re looking for assistance with a house rewire, smart home devices or fault finding, or need emergency help, whatever time of day an issue strikes, finding an electrician you...

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Is it safe to carry out your own electrical work in your home?

Regulations concerning electrical work are not always the easiest to follow or understand.

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What are the latest energy saving devices for the home - 2020

We’re living in exciting times as homeowners. Remember the stuff you’d see on sci-fi films when people could walk into rooms and ask the lights to come on? We’re there - now!

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